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Warden 1.0 7DRL 2012 Release

I am posting this later than my 168h (I've started and finished on Saturdays 11:45 CET), but I wanted to make sure the system specific packages work. Windows libtcod dll crashed a bit so I had to get that fixed.

With that out of the way, let me present you the one and only:

Warden 1.0

You are a Grey Warden at the end of your days. As countless others before you, you step into the Deep Roads to take on your last quest - to destroy as many darkspawn as you can before collapsing to blows or the corruption that is running in your veins. Based on the fluff from Dragon Age: Origins by BioWare.

* Windows
* Linux32
* Linux64
* source

(I'm told that Linux versions should work on Macs)
(roguebasin entry for info about the game)

It is a game, so I'm going to call it a success. It is however a failure in terms of being a good game (please don't hesitate prove me wrong).
I have decided to release the 1.0 version and allow myself another week (much less intensive this time) for 1.1 release that will aim to fix some balance weirdness and maybe add some visual pleasantries.

I will also spend this week on writing up a post-mortem. I've learnt few things trying to churn out this game, so it will be certainly useful to debrief myself and consolidate that knowledge.

As for Artifact, I'm considering revisiting the idea in the near future. Despite my obvious lack of experience and shortcomings of the code I think I can pull this trough if I start from nothing instead of trying to reuse my code.

Please, try the game. Throw your opinions/bug reports/criticism at me.
Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated. This is the first game I have ever created, I need to know what I am doing wrong :]
You can leave comments under this post, email me at, or via the contact form above.

In case anyone wonders - I've used libtcod with python wrapper and pre-modified code from libtcod tutorial by Jotaf.

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  1. I’ve tried the game and won it at a second try.

    The game has some fun, but there is not enough choices for a player – the only thing player can change is “in what order should I explore tunnels”. But for the first game and 7DRL it is great.

    Graphics and controls are fine, also game crashes when i try to go fullscreen and freezes after winning\losing.

    • Thank you for the comment!

      Obviously I didn’t aimed it to be complex. It was a ‘lifeboat’ project after I realised I cannot go along with my previous plans.

      Fullscreen crashes are something that libtcod seems to have problems with. It works fine on large screens, but the smaller ones tend to crash for some reason.
      When winning/losing try pressing SHIFT+Q (Quit). The game doesn’t quit by itself.

  2. I wrote all my comments here (in Polish, but I suppose you don’t mind :) ) :
    It’s a bit harsh, but since you said you want feedback, I decided to point all the faults I have found.
    Nevertheless I am impressed by your effort and hope you will not get discouraged. Looking forward to play your games in the future!

  3. I have reviewed this game on my website:

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