I dip my fingers into a hot storage solution’s pricing to make sure it doesn’t burn me in the long term.
(Disclaimer - I’m not sorry for that punny introduction.)

Lab Overview - mServ

September marks a two year anniversary of running a 24h server on my home network and it seems like a perfect moment to look back, take inventory and make some plans for the future.

Migration to Hugo

I have left this site to the abyss of unvisited websites for the past four years, getting occasional e-mails from Wordpress that the CSM updated automatically due to security reasons. After a friend mentioned there’s something wrong with the theme I was using, I’ve decided to do something about it. The theme itself wasn’t updated for months and wasn’t compatible with the backend anymore. I’ve switched the site to a plain and generic 201X theme as a stop-gap measure, and resolved to revive the blog, to save it from a limbo.

Stabby 7DRL Challenge 2013 Post-Mortem & What’s going on

Hello everyone, Long time no post, as some like to say. And the last post was announcing my 7DRL, which may look like it was a runaway project. I did however change the project status to “Failure” when the time was up, a gesture that – by folks at RLR – meant I cared. And I did. I still do. This article is meant to be the usual post-mortem of a software project, highlighting both good and bad things that happened.

Stabby 0h

Hello visitors, As with last year, I’m taking part in the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge. Last time my game was a simple twist on the roguelike formula, making it more into an action game than a deep tactical stuff. I’ve also used a modified code from the python+libtcod tutorial that almost everyone and they mother used by now. However, this was pretty much my first game jam, and I have been doing any coding for only about 6 months back then.

Spaced \o/

After a really long break I took from dev and this blog I’ve decided to do some actual work again. Behold, Spaced. This is after a week of work separated by several weeks of inactivity. Originally attempted for 7DFPS, severely overestimated my abilities, so now it’s just a small project I do on the side. Written in python (source here), using SFML for graphics and input. The tech is called raycasting, and is twenty something years old, used among others by Wolfenstein 3D, called the grandfather of FPS games.

Meet magikarp

So today I’ve decided to do something silly, and I’ve made myself an IRC bot. So far it only saves links in neat fashion in the home dir file (already being useful), knows when stuff is awesome, repeats what it’s told to, and says time like a good clock. More to come :) Overall the project is just something fun to do while bored. I can’t always work on Warden (and next update is coming soon), and I learn things :]