Useful shell alias – Display all lines containing TODO, FIX or XXX

As I often use comments to point me to particular parts of the code, and like to use common [TODO] [FIX] [XXX] tags, I’ve figured out this handy alias that will list all the lines within the current directory and below, along with the line numbers.

alias whattodo='grep -rn "TODO\|FIX\|XXX" . \
                           --exclude=".git*" --exclude-dir={.git} --color'

Place that in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc or whatever config file your shell is using. By default it ignores all git related directories (by exclude options).
Just type whattodo in your work folder to use.

Sil is now on AUR

I’ve uploaded a PKGBUILD of Sil to the Arch User Repository.

Sil is a roguelike in the ‘new’ style of Brogue – tight design, numbers transparency, small and clean set of rules. I’ve really enjoyed it for the time I played it, so here is me making it easier for Arch users to try it out.

Now, from the tech perspective this version is somewhat inferior to the Windows counterpart. The multi-window UI is much less customizable, and doesn’t save the layout between sessions in X .I cannot easily fix any of these problems, since Angband’s (and in extension – Sil’s) UI/display code is rooted into Windows UI libraries. Please let me know if you have any solutions for this, I’d love to update or push the patch to the creator.
As it has been pointed out to me, Linux users are more likely to use the curses version anyway, and you can do that. The installation script presents you with basic options, you can also go ‘sil –help’ for the overall option listing (be aware that some of those just don’t work).

Have fun playing, and please report any problems in the AUR page.