Warden 1.2 Released

Hey, here’s another bugfix/balance release. Should be a bit more fun to play and a lot less crashy!

Warden 1.2

Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit)


* Log that tracks errors and such, you can send me the warden.log file after a crash or bug to help me :)

* Changed stamina regeneration from +10 per hit to +15 per kill
* Nerfed monsters attack
* Changed pathfinding algorithm to A*

* Constant crashes (seems I used pathfinding wrong)
* Keyboard not responding to keys from time to time (? not sure about that)

Again – please play, comment and let me know what you think! Bug reports are very much welcome.

Meet magikarp

So today I’ve decided to do something silly, and I’ve made myself an IRC bot.
So far it only saves links in neat fashion in the home dir file (already being useful), knows when stuff is awesome, repeats what it’s told to, and says time like a good clock. More to come :)

Overall the project is just something fun to do while bored. I can’t always work on Warden (and next update is coming soon), and I learn things :]

You can find the source here – LINK.
Requires python >= 2.6 and some fiddling with variables to start. Just run ‘python magikarp’

Cheers :]