It’s been a long time…

I’ve been silent for some time (not that anyone missed me).

If you read my posts before my database went to hell along with my server – I’ve finished the tutorial, and now I’m on my own in the realm of python + libtcod roguelike developement.

Things are going along nicely, I sure have a lot of loose ends and unforseen (‘…consequences’) difficulties, bugs are popping up like daisies in spring, and I still don’t know a lot of stuff. But it’s goooood.

You can track my progress here.

In the meanwhile, a 1DRL Challenge poped up, and I’ve participated. I’ve failed to deliver a game in time, but it’s work in progress and thus will transform into a 7DRL. Here is the project’s page.

I will write more about the game in time.

In related news, I’m the best Cave Santa!

I had my first spammer here. Got to find some captcha or something.

Hello world!

This would be my thought stream – where I share what I know and what I think with you, the internets.

It will be personal, and subjective. I do welcome discussion and criticism where my work is involved.

My only hope is to have at least one person who gains anything from this blog, and to continuously maintain it for as long as I can.

I am a gamer. I play a lot, or rather used to play a lot. I intend to write about the games I play, sometimes from pure gamer experience, and sometimes attempting to dissect those from a designer perspective.

I want to be a programmer, and a game designer. I have almost zero experience, barely dipping into Python, however I found one day that my dream is to create games that I myself would have fun playing. That lead me to roguelikes, and those I will focus on for now. I have two projects emerging in my head right now, but still far away from actual first line of code. I intend to write about my adventures with development, maybe splitting those into a new dedicated devblog if that need arises.

I am someone, or so I hope – sometimes I would write about my views on ultimate question of life, universe and everything. Don’t expect “42”, I am far from that level of wisdom (yet?).

I intend to tag everything in some manner, so you  could skip the parts you don’t find worth of your time.

As I am writing this, the blog is but a concept, so I have nothing definite as of yet for the formula, etc. I tend to like simplicity, so it’s likely you’d find that here.

Oh, and a note of my language of choice – I use English because it’s more universal then my first. I like to think of myself as proficient English listener and reader, but my writing and speech skills are somewhat lacking – therefore this blog would also be an exercise in English. Hopefully you won’t suffer much of my incompetence. Please point out my language errors, if you see any.

I think that’s it for now.


PS. The About page should be up soon – some contact info etc. should find it’s way there.