On libtcod fog of war

Google is a curious device. It points its users to my blog post tagged ‘libtcod fog of war’, despite it not having much to do with actual instructions on how that works. I’ve decided to write an actual post about it, so you won’t be disappointed next time you click the google link pointing to my blog. Read on if that’s why you’re here. Continue reading On libtcod fog of war

git git git

Just a quick update – I have not been working on the roguelike as much as I would like, but I have managed to set up a github account and repository.

You can find it here: firstrl

Here’s the direct github adress:


Feel free to explore the code (however it is not much more then tutorial code itself).

I intend on making a fork when I finish the tutorial, to keep it ‘clear’ for anyone who would want to look at the tutorial code, and maybe flavor it my way on the fork.