I dip my fingers into a hot storage solution’s pricing to make sure it doesn’t burn me in the long term.
(Disclaimer - I’m not sorry for that punny introduction.)

Lab Overview - mServ

September marks a two year anniversary of running a 24h server on my home network and it seems like a perfect moment to look back, take inventory and make some plans for the future.

Migration to Hugo

I have left this site to the abyss of unvisited websites for the past four years, getting occasional e-mails from Wordpress that the CSM updated automatically due to security reasons. After a friend mentioned there’s something wrong with the theme I was using, I’ve decided to do something about it. The theme itself wasn’t updated for months and wasn’t compatible with the backend anymore. I’ve switched the site to a plain and generic 201X theme as a stop-gap measure, and resolved to revive the blog, to save it from a limbo.